60th Anniversary Celebration weekend 28th - 31st October 2005

At Western Isles Hotel    Annie & Hylton at Loch buie House   
Hylton at Moy Castle  Group at Moy     
    Moy Castle  Val Simpson & Nicols Maclean
  Group photo  Group with Names   
Mike McBride ~ Steve Crook ~ Robert Beveridge Jimmy Robb If you do not wish to see inside Moy Castle - do not click to enter --->>>. Torquil, our own Robert Beveridge and Nancy Franklin chose not go in. Torquil entered eventually and I know Robert will go in soon. Nancy Franklin, will you go in one day? To enter Moy click here

Dr. Johnson & Mr. Boswell stone of 1773 Flo & Nicolas
Mike McBride & Nicolas Maclean
New metal bridge This one replaces the old wooden one that wash away last January '05 There is a curse on the Laird of Napier so he will not go in.....yet.
Loch Buie House   I have no idea what this is. A marker buoy or flower grinder or ??
Episcopal Chapel Inside Episcopal Chapel A soggy Ann Semi wild dog with dead rabbit!
Simon & Jo Haton Everyone had to have their picture taken in the phone box
Mo Fraser and Sally Juniper Still more photos Look out! Erraig House
Waterfall & Phone box at Carsaig Erraig House
You wished too hard That grand old Robert Beveridge
He had 35 women and men He marched them all to the top of a hill and he marched them down again. Ha ha ha
A quiet moment for Robert
Flo ~ Mike ~ Robert ~ Ronnie ~ Sally Mike ~ Robert ~ Ronnie ~ Sally ~ Nicolas Seal
25 of us were welcomed into a nearby house and treated to tea and cake. Fantastic! Highland hospitality of Cleodi Mazur,
Robert & Steve doing tricks with a TV
It raining... again!
The Spar shop at Craignure has the most expensive petrol in the UK! Mainland UK pertol 93p p/litre. Mull 113.9p p/litre or £5.13 (9$)  a gallon. Duart Castle or Sorn Castle Mull
I would welcome all the name here ~ so far I have: 1. Frank Collieson,  2. Ann Jones, 3. Hylton Holt, 4. Mo Fraser, 5. Rob Dickinson, 6. Helen Biggins, 7. Emma Biggins, 8. Ralph Montagu, 9. Sally Juniper, 10.Colin Berry, 11. ?????????, 12. Ailsa Montagu, 13. Catriona Maclaine, 14. Ronnie Gordon, 15. Ian Court, 16. Mary Gordon 17. Nicolas Maclean, 18. Jo Haton, 19. Simon Haton, 20. Steve Crook, 21. Liz Campbell, 22. Fizz Coxhead, 23. Jessie Gordon,  24. Robert Beveridge, 25. ????????  26. Flo McBride, 27. Mike McBride. If any names are incorrect please e-mail the amendment - address below.
Ian Court Ann Jones Robert Beveridge
Humphrey Bogart and ...what dreams are made of..! Torosay Castle or "Archnacroish" Our leader Steve Crook
Emma ~ Ailsa ~ Nicolas ~ Robert Nicolas Maclean Mike ~ Nicolas ~ Hylton ~ Flo ~ Sally Old wrecked boats at Salen
Colin Berry, Steve Crook and "Catriona Maclaine" Ferry coming into Craignure This is a test Well sir, going home!
This 60th Anniversary Celebration of IKWIG at the Western Isles Hotel, Mull was brilliantly organised by Professor Robert Beveridge of Napier University in Edinburgh ably assisted by Steve Crook who runs the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society. Nicolas MacLean, with his limitless local and family knowledge, brought the history of the Isle of Mull and the Clan Maclean to life. Annie and I would like say a big thank you to everyone we met for making our weekend hugely enjoyable.

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Thanks to Robert Beverage, Mike and Flo McBride, Hylton Holt and Steve Crook for helped with names. Please let me know if I have missed you out or listed incorrectly:- ian@ikwig.co.uk 

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