Ann at Bekesbourne Railway Station11.20 am

Paul Tritton & Steve Crook

explain the walk

  It's ok, I know where I'm going

Movie of the re-make... or re-make of the movie. These are all very well done especially "lost by enemy action" which is my favourite.

He knows about wood see and so do I

Michael Eyers (Bob)

ValerieAinscough (Alison)

I'm the new land girl... Blimey!

Sally Juniper (Alison)

Margaret Hall (Dorothy)

Lost by enemy action.

Julie Ede (Alison)

Wendy Fraser (Mrs C)

Jan Gray (Bob Johnson)

(...fantastic Jan)


Hylton Holt (Colpeper),

David Collard (Peter Gibbs),

Barbara Stannard (Mrs Colpeper)

Sorry about poor quality

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